Monday, March 10, 2014

Did YOU Miss YOUR Exit?

The idea for this post came to me while having a heart to heart talk with my dear friend Elena.  Elena admitted to being so engrossed into a conversation with her friends in the car that she didn’t pay attention to what was right in front of her.  Elena lost situational awareness on the destination she was heading to.  Once she realized her exit was coming up, she erratically veered across several lanes to get there.  In her haste, she risked not only her life and her friends, but other drivers as well.  When Elena couldn't make it to her turn off in time, she had no choice but to drive past the intended exit in hopes of quickly approaching an alternative one.  Consequently, this left Elena and her friends frustrated and behind schedule.  She was able to draw a parallel to personal missed opportunities to that of missing an exit while driving down the highway. 

 Immediately, I could relate to the comparison Elena drew from her story.  I lost count of how many times I worried about what others said or thought about me.  I was overwhelmed with the self-induced drama I allowed myself to live.   Additionally, I was in relationships with men I had no business being in.  Besides that, I accumulated "friends" to where the relationship was lopsided (I gave and they received).   Furthermore, I struggled professionally because I lacked effort and concentration.  I became absorbed with things that didn't add a positive purpose to my well-being.  Unfortunately, I lost focus to what was important.  

In other words, I desired tranquility in my life while obtaining my goals and fulfilling my purpose, but my actions showed otherwise.  By failing to plan, prepare and execute, I missed my exit.  I missed an opportunity.  Ultimately, I missed a blessing. 

Can you relate?  Have you lost sight to what is important?  Is your life in crisis and you keep missing opportunities and blessings?  Whether we realize it or not, our poor decision making or lack of planning, will directly or indirectly affect others.  Whose life are you jeopardizing along with yours?  It’s only when we get tired of swerving across four lanes only to miss our turn and have to drive out of our way to find the next exit, do we get focused and get on the right track. 

Your GPS (God’s Purpose for Self) is specifically programed for you.  God is willing to guide you every step of the way if you allow Him to do so.  Tomorrow is not promised, so stop driving aimlessly through life while expecting to reach your destination safely and on time.  Peace, Purpose and Power are waiting for you.