Monday, December 14, 2015

How Does Your Perspective Dictate Your Priorities?

It wasn't very long ago when I was stumbling through life without a moral compass. I took God on and off the shelf when it was convenient for me. I found myself in debt, made repeated bad choices in relationships, didn't honor my body as the temple it was meant to be, and never took the time to figure out who I truly was. On top of all that, I was always trying to fit in where I was clearly meant to stand out. Overall, my priorities were out of order. It took many hard lessons of hitting rock bottom for me to finally self-reflect and get my priorities straight. Although it was hard to accept, I was the common denominator for my dysfunction, depression, and despair.  

I understand now that my perspective on life dictates my priorities and I no longer want to come up short. I am the daughter of the Most High, the King of all kings! I am fearfully and wonderfully made! If you can relate, I encourage you to do a gut check. Is your perspective on life centered around self-destruction or self-improvement?

Now is the time to be Unstoppable You!