Thursday, February 25, 2016

A Closed Mouth Won't Get Fed

Have you ever experienced something that challenged your comfort zone? God has an amazing way of pulling us out of our comfort zone to not only walk in our purpose and to do His will, but for us to work on certain shackles in hopes of becoming better people. Well for me I am working on the shackle of pride. Many of you know, that doing a women's conference was never on my list of goals. I had never attended one prior to mine. So when God gave me the vision to organize the Unstoppable You Women's Conference, I figured it was my burden alone to bare. Needless to say, I learned many tough lessons along the way. I was afraid to ask for help, for fear of people saying no or not following through. My pride blinded my sight. Overall, that old saying applied, "A closed mouth won't get fed" or maybe you heard of "You have not, because you ask not." Humility was a key lesson learned.
I have come to realize and understand, that when God calls you to do something, He provides all the resources to be successful. God showed me that all the networking events I attended and the collection of business cards I gathered was for a reason. So now I am opening my mouth and letting people know what I need. And if by chance I am told "no" or "not right now," I can respect that and move forward. But if I never ask, I will never know and I will continue to do without. Being Unstoppable You is a never ending journey of self-reflection and self-improvement. Unstoppable You is the person who seeks help, knowing they can't do it all alone. Be encouraged and put your pride aside.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Releasing the Shackles to be Unstoppable You and Live ON Purpose

It is not by coincidence, but Divine design, that my conference is called Unstoppable You and my television show is called Living Unshackled ON Purpose. God alone put those titles on my heart and I followed through. Although the names are different, the meaning behind them are one in the same. They both require individual effort and accountability. My level of being unstoppable could be different from yours, as well as, the shackles that I released (and continue to do so) may be different.
I want you to know and understand, until you identify your shackles and begin to release those strongholds on your life, it will be hard to reach YOUR full UNSTOPPABLE potential. The shackle of fear, jealousy, resentment, past hurts, and anything else that consumes you, will keep you in a state of existing instead of living a purposeful life that God desires for you. It will continue to be everyone else's fault of why you are not experiencing true joy and fulfillment. Overall, these chains are toxic and will ruin your health and any personal/professional relationships you have. I know from personal experience because I was a slave to my own dysfunction, depression, and despair. On the surface I appeared to be doing great but on the inside, I was slowly dying inside. I didn't understand why I kept getting the same results. After being sick and tired of being sick and tired, I realized through soul searching, that I was the common denominator. And thus began the hard work to find my personal peace, purpose, and power. This is my business motto and I work at it everyday.
I pray that this inspires and motivates you in someway to release the shackles to be UNSTOPPABLE YOU and LIVE ON PURPOSE!