Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Race To Personal Success-What Gear Is Your Child In?


As a parent, caretaker or educator, the responsibility to provide the best opportunities for our children to succeed in life, should begin and end with us.  Although there is no right or wrong answer (for the most part) in the handbook of raising a child, being a positive role model and leading by example, should be our top priority.  Despite our best efforts, outside influences such as peer pressure, drugs and alcohol, as well as violence in schools become obstacles that our children will face.  In order for our youth to have a chance of surviving those issues that plague our communities, we must set a foundation of solid principles in which they can fall back on.  Your child is in the driver’s seat and personal success awaits them.  What gear are they in?   
     Every child has the potential to become and do great things.  As they navigate through life, it is our role to be their pit crew so to speak.  We pick them up, guide and if necessary, give a little push.  As they grow and develop, finding their identity, we sit on the side line cheering them on, waiting for the next time they might have to pull over for another tune up. 

But our hard work won’t pay off if the child is in the following gears:
*Park-lazy, unmotivated, with excuse after excuse.
*Reverse-bad behaviors, doing everything contrary of what a productive citizen of society is supposed to do.

Things work better if they have the gear shifted in:
*Neutral-transition or at the fork in the road, may need other resources to help with decisions.
*Drive-willing and ready to do what it takes to achieve their goals.

Life is so precious and tomorrow awaits no one.  We owe it to our youth to succeed in every possible way, keeping their gear in drive.  As adults, we must do a personal inventory, ensuring that we not only talk the talk but walk the walk.  Is your mind, body and soul in sync or are you stuck in park, in need of a tune up?

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