Wednesday, December 4, 2013

16 Ways to Know Your Life Is In Crisis-Hoarder Style

It wasn't very long ago that I could have admitted to several of the below examples.  But I want you to know that just like those who suffer from the actual addiction, your life doesn't have to be this way.  Like most things in life, if it is worth having then it is worth the work.  To me, your life is worthy of having the quality, purpose, fulfillment and happiness you deserve.  It is time to start cleaning out the closet and sorting through the baggage or trash that weighs you down. Personal growth is not always easy, pretty or comfortable.  But when the trash is gone, your pathway is clear and your eyes can focus on the light that not only shines through your window, but on the other side of the door that leads to an Unstoppable You!! 

16 Ways to Know Your Life Is In Crisis-Hoarder Style

1.     Your house looks nice on the outside, but when you open the door, the dysfunction and chaos is exposed.  It has gotten out of control and unmanageable. 

2.     Your life is cluttered with people who serve no positive purpose.

3.     There is so much garbage (fear, gossip and drama) in your life that there is no clear path for you to reach your personal and professional goals.

4.     Trash (personal baggage) is piled up around your door, therefore blocking blessings from reaching you.

5.     Your mess (not forgiving, accepting responsibility, and moving forward) affects your health, shortening your lifespan.

6.     The smell (drama) keeps you up at night.  Above all, it keeps people away.

7.     The devil is excited your house is unkempt because he wants to finish demolishing it, serving you a permanent eviction notice. 

8.     After a while, your mess is so bad it spills over to the outside (social media).  But you don’t see anything wrong with it.

9.     You complain no one is willing to help you clean up your mess but when people do, you become lazy, watching them do all the work.

10.  You have so much stuff (unresolved problems) that it begins to close in on you.  Suffocating you from reality, society, and the life God desires for you.

11.  You have been holding on to so much clutter (pain from the past) that you find other junk (alcohol, drugs… etc.) to make you happy (fill the void or numb the pain).

12.  Your house is such a mess that it keeps visitors (positive people) from coming in.  The only company you have is the rats and roaches (negative family and friends).  They don’t think anything is wrong with the way things look, smell, and feel.

13.  You know that you’re not living right but pride keeps you from seeking the help (God) you need.

14.  Your house is gloomy and dark.  Sunlight hasn't shined through your windows in months.

15. Your house is such a mess that you misplace your valuables (self-esteem, courage, love, purpose, peace, self-satisfaction and personal growth).

16. Your house is such a mess that it literally becomes an emotional, mental and physical jail.

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