Sunday, July 19, 2015

The Light Within

As I walk in my purpose, my reality is sometimes scary. I tell you no lie, there are days when I want to stop in my tracks and retreat. But God spoke to me today and told me that He is using me as His lighthouse. That through my actions, I am supposed to draw those who are broken, lost crashing in the waves, and struggling to keep their head above water.  By my actions and words, I am guiding them into the safety of His loving arms. Overall, the lighthouse gives reassurance that He is always there. The light that people see, is Jesus Christ which shines through me. 

God is also the foundation that the lighthouse was built. God encouraged me that people see me as a beacon of hope and inspiration, that if "Jennifer can do it, I know I can too." God said no matter what, I have to shine bright. There will be many times when the devil will try and cut the electricity, but that's when I pick up a flashlight to keep shining. When the batteries run down from the flashlight, I must pick up a candle until that flame flickers out. 

Bottom line is to never give up. For me, not giving up requires a lot of work to stay balanced and be the person God wants me to be. I can't praise Him on Sunday and condemn others on Monday. I will never be perfect but I can do my best to be consistent. 

When you take a look at this picture you may say "Big deal! It's a lighthouse." But this beautiful lighthouse represents so much more. On the outside it doesn't look very appealing. This lighthouse is weathered and stained. Not only that, but it stands alone. Just like this lighthouse, that's how God uses us best, when we are tarnished and broken. But what's so amazing, is that on the inside of this lighthouse is a light that shines so bright that it attracts so many. This lighthouse represents God's goodness, mercy, and grace. It's a resource for safety, refuge, and redemption. This is how your test becomes your testimony!

I encourage you to be a lighthouse and let God's love shine bright through you.

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