Monday, August 24, 2015

Three Monkey Parenting: Your Child Deserves Better

Just thinking..Are WE giving our children all the tools to safely navigate this world? Are WE being the positive examples our children need and deserve? If WE are willing teach our children how to look both ways to safely cross the street, then WE as adult caretakers need to go deeper, and talk about the uncomfortable topics that could leave lasting emotional and mental scars, if WE don't. WE can't afford to parent like the three monkeys covering up our eyes, mouth, and ears when it comes to domestic violence, rape, low self-worth, child sexual abuse,and so on. If WE want to make a difference, then WE must do our part and start an open dialog. What WE don't teach them at home, the world will, and the lessons won't be so kind. WE owe it to our children.

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