Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Steps To Becoming A Thriver

There's power in our words and our actions give life to those words. In any traumatic experience such as domestic violence, sexual assault, or even losing a loved one, there are necessary steps that should be taken to move a person from surviving/existing to thriving. In my humble opinion, there is a difference. Step by step, a beautiful journey of healing, self-care, and eventually finding purpose from the pain will be discovered.

I believe that healing consists of acknowledging what you experienced, restoring your broken soul, and forgiving (self and others). We must be honest enough with ourselves to grieve the lost of our innocence, our trust, a relationship, and/or the love we held for someone dear to us.

Next, self-care is critical. That may come in the form of counseling, a good cry, support groups, journaling, long walks or drives, as well as soaking in a lavender bubble bath. Whatever the methods, let it be positive and nurturing to YOU. Last but not least, find purpose from the pain. No matter what we go through, good or bad, there is a lesson to be learned. Within that lesson bares fruit of humility, strength, and resiliency. Through it all, find the purpose and it will birth your passion.

Overall, be gentle with yourself. Don't suppress the hurt and pain. This will do more harm than good. It can take a toll mentally, physically, and emotionally. Denial feeds dysfunction and God can't heal what we conceal. So keep it real with yourself. By following these steps, every relationship you have will benefit from your journey to thrive. Most importantly, YOU will be a better person from it. Life is too short. It is my prayer that you don't give up on life and live it to the fullest. I don't want you to just exist. I want you to be Unstoppable!

By way of background, Jennifer is a retired U.S. Navy veteran, domestic violence awareness advocate, and inspirational influencer. As the Founder and CEO of Inspirationally Speaking, LLC and Unstoppable You Ministries, Inc., Jennifer is passionately walking in her purpose as an award winning motivational speaker and bestselling author of Tomorrow My Sunshine Will Come: Memoirs of Women Who Survived Domestic Violence. Jennifer is also the Founder of the Unstoppable You Conference, TV Show Host of Living Unshackled ON Purpose, corporate trainer, prolific blogger, and public speaking coach. After 21.7 years of faithful service in the military, it is her desire to continue to be of service. Jennifer's business mission is to help others find their personal peace, purpose and power through sharing her journey, the good, the bad and the ugly. Visit: www.inspirationallyspeaking.com to book Jennifer for your next event.

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